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Companies from every industry and organization across the country have a desire to get noticed. Our goal at ASAP Promotions is to help you generate as much interest, visibility and customer traffic as possible to your location. ASAP Promotions offers a complete line of flags and accessories. From national and state flags to novelty flags to decorate your boat, home or office:

  • American Flags
  • State Flags
  • World Flags
  • Military Flags
  • Feather/Swooper Flags
  • Custom Flags



Flag Poles


ASAP Promotions offers flagpoles in numerous sizes and styles ranging from 5’ to 150’. We’ll help you choose the best option to suit your needs. Installation service is available.


Sign Mounting and Stands

Several different types of mounting types are available for your signs. The exact type of mounting depends on the purpose and type of sign.

T-Bar. A simple metal bar with a cross piece at the top for small stand-alone signs.

Wire Stand. Light or heavy duty H-shaped wire for Corex. Used for special event signs.

Job-Site Frame. Steel frame with spikes on the bottom for inserting into the ground. Used with real estate signs and other stand alone aluminum signs.

Wooden Post. 2"x2" or 4"x4" wooden posts, with or without "toppers". Can be used singly or in pairs. Used with wooden signs or traffic signage.

Traffic Rail. Metal railing with holes in the center for mounting traffic style signs.




Contractor and Development Signs

Contractor Signs

This type of signage is usually 4’x4’ or 4’x 8’ made of wood and mounted on wooden posts. There are several types of wood available as well as metal and other materials. The signs are painted with a base coat color of your choice and then the lettering and graphics are applied with vinyl or digital prints. This type of signage is more expensive than some other types, but also lasts a very long time. It is best suited for permanent or semi-permanent signs. Custom riders or starbursts can be attached to help draw attention to a special message.


Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs follow a few common design elements. Most are made of aluminum sheets in a metal frame. These are also referred to as "job site" signs. The lettering and graphics on these signs are made from vinyl, digital prints and sometimes paint. The most common type of signs are 18" tall and 24" wide showing the name of the company, agent and the telephone number. Some agents also have their pictures on the signs via a digital print. Materials include Aluminum, Corex, Wood, Sentra and Omega.

Other common real estate signs are “Colonial” style. This style consists of a 4”x4”wood post with an “arm” the sign hangs from. The sign is made from 1/8” thick aluminum, double -sided and hangs from the arm by chains.

Info Tubes

ASAP Promotions also provides info tubes so sales literature is readily available for your buyer right from the sign.


Real Estate / Special Event Signs

Corex Signs Corex Signs

Special event signs can be almost any design. One of the most common types is made from a material called Corex. Corex is a corrugated plastic material. Lettering and graphics on this type of sign is usually done in vinyl or even screen printed directly onto the plastic. This type of sign usually uses a thin wire frame and is considered temporary signage. They are also very inexpensive compared to other types of signage.


Sand Blasted Signs

Sand Blasted Signs Sand Blasted Signs

Sand blasted signs are 3-Dimensional signs that have a carved appearance to them. They are made from a foam material that is sand blasted to remove material, leaving only the design intended. The sign is then painted in whatever color(s) necessary. The final result looks quite similar to wood that has been carved and is relatively light, but very durable. This type of sign is best for permanent signage.


Store Front (Commercial) Signs

Storefront Custom Lettering Storefront Commercial Signs

ASAP Promotions offers a full range of marquee and commercial sign services including re-lettering and complete store front signage. We can also provide plastic letters (injection molded plastic letters, formed plastic letters, and cut acrylic letters) for custom signage. Or upgrade your lettering to a fine ornate metal. Both flat cut metal and cast metal are available in a variety of styles and finishes such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, and baked enamel. Our craftsmen use the finest materials to produce other custom products such as high quality cast metal plaques and etched plaques that incorporate your own artwork.


Sandwich Boards / A-Frame Signs

Sandwich Boards

The sandwich board is a two-sided A-frame sign. The double sided sandwich board maximizes your advertisements exposure, allowing your customers to see it in every direction. This sidewalk display sandwich board is the most economical and effortless way to promote specials and sales events for your business.


Street Signs / Mailboxes

Street Signs And Mailboxes

Let ASAP Promotions help you with your new community set up. We can provide and install street signs and mailboxes in your new construction development.


Handheld Signage (For Human Directionals)

Handheld Signs

“Human Directionals”, also known as sign twirlers, sign spinners, human arrows, and sign holders, are the ideal way to assure that advertising efforts direct the masses to your specific locations. Unlike conventional mediums of advertising, sign twirlers-human directionals are twirling their signs directly at thousands whom have already seen the commercials and newspaper/magazine ads. They have longed for your product or service and are only an intersection away. ASAP provides this hand held signage for much less than your advertising company charges. Arrows and signs are made of 10 mil coroplast for durability - but still lightweight.


Billboard Vinyl

Vinyl Billboard

ASAP Promotions can produce your billboard vinyl at a significantly lower cost than the outdoor company. The printing of billboard vinyl and other large substrates is often referred to as large format digital printing as well as grand format digital printing. A vinyl flex is what the actual advertisement's design is printed on. Once produced, the vinyl flex is then shipped to the outdoor advertising plant, where the installation crew unfolds, and stretches the vinyl graphic over a facing or framing system.




Vinyl banners are available in almost any length. Common sizes are 3'x6', 2'x4' and 4'x8'. Banners can be full color digital prints or one color vinyl designs, or anything in between. All of our banners have brass grommet reinforced mounting points and are seemed on the edges for a finished and professional touch. Rope can be sewn across the banner’s top to provide even more reinforcement to prevent sagging.


Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners

Light pole banners are an ideal way to draw attention to your business and promotional message. Why not utilize an existing structure for your advertising? ASAP Promotions offers light pole banners for many applications. We will provide the digitally printed banner, required hardware and installation for your light pole banners.


Real Estate Sales Center Furniture

Real Estate Furniture

Make a great impression on your prospects the minute they walk into your sales center. We can custom build the furniture you need to showcase your site plan, renderings and marketing collateral with style. ASAP Promotions is your source for topo tables, cabinets, podiums, framing and site plan printing. Numerous styles and materials are available.


Promotional Items / Ad Specialty Products

Promotional Items

Attract buyers with promotional items at your next tradeshow or major event. From cups and shirts to key chains… promotional products are used by companies of all types to reinforce their image, build sales and foster goodwill with customers and employees. You know ASAP as the one-stop solution for all your sign and graphic needs; now get to know us as the single-source for all your promotional product needs. We can screen-print or embroider almost anything. Think ASAP the next time you need promotional items for a trade show, a sports or charity event, an employee recognition event, a sales meeting or as customer gifts.


Other Products

We also offer products and services other than signs and digital prints; such as vehicle and window lettering, vinyl graphics, custom decals, posters, brochures and other types of marketing collateral.


Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering and graphics can be added to almost any vehicle. Vinyl offers a longevity rivaled only by paint, without the permanence. Vinyl can be removed or changed, paint cannot. Vinyl also offers easy replication, so fleet lettering is always accurate and uniform.


Window Lettering

Window Lettering

Window lettering is a great way to bring attention to your business. Vinyl window graphics are easy to apply and look great. This method is perfect for rented business spaces as it allows graphics to be applied and removed easily at a minimal cost.


Custom Vinyl Graphics

Custom Vinyl Graphics

Custom vinyl graphics and decals are a great way to promote your business or just improve the look of your car, boat, truck or whatever you would like to add a little flash to.


Advertising (Cold Air) Balloon Rental

Advertising Balloon

Cold air inflatable balloons are a big way to attract attention to your customers. It is a great way to advertise specials, sales, or grand openings. Our balloons come in different sizes and shapes. The most popular is the multi-color hot air balloon shape inflatable. We have sizes from 10 feet (which in recommended for indoors) to 26 feet tall. You can attach 2 banners to the hot air shaped balloons to draw attention from 2 different directions of traffic. Our banners can be made to order so that you can have them say exactly what you want. These are great for big sales, grand openings, trade shows, conventions, conferences, car dealerships and more.


Searchlight Rental

Searchlight Rental

We have a great selection of searchlights to choose from. We have single beams that can fit almost anywhere. These run on a regular outlet, so they are very convenient and easy to use. These lights can even be placed on top of roofs for a great effect. We also have Sky-Tracker searchlights that can come in a set of 2 beams or a set of 4 beams. These are trailer mounted and come with a generator, so they can be placed anywhere and electricity is not necessary.

Sky-Tracker is a unique advertising and promotional tool. This multi-beam searchlight creates an ever-changing symmetrical pattern of light with beams totaling nearly 1 billion candle-power sweeping through the night sky. An event using a Sky-Tracker always gets attention.


Please review all of our selections to find the perfect advertising solution for your business. Remember, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for; contact your Client Care Specialist to discuss your needs. Our knowledgeable sales force and design team will be able to come up with the perfect solution based on your specific request and qualifications.